The Fouse Center

What’s in a Name?

Opened in April, 2001, The Fouse Center was named after Jim Fouse, the Founder of Arundel House of Hope and the Winter Relief Shelter Program. Jim was a great friend and advocate for the homeless. The Fouse Center Program represents his vision.

The Fouse Center is committed to providing men who are homeless with housing and support services. These clients suffer from substance abuse, mental illness, heath issues, and/or unemployment but have made a conscious decision to face their challenges and change their lives. As a transitional facility, The Fouse Center generally provides shelter and comprehensive services to these clients for a period of six months to one year. The Case Manager and Residential Manager work with each resident to develop an action plan which includes counseling, job preparedness, and general community support. Upon graduation, some clients continue on to Arundel House of Hope’s Permanent Housing Programs while others move on to rent their own apartments or even purchase their own homes.

What Services Do We Offer?

The Fouse Center, the first and only Transitional Housing program for men experiencing homelessness in Anne Arundel County, offers intensive support services such as substance abuse and mental health support. The Fouse Center also offers employment assistance, adult education, health referrals, and other needed support services.

What Are Our Goals?

The goal of The Fouse Center is to empower individuals experiencing homelessness to become independent and self-sufficient. The program strives to move clients back into the community with the ability to live independently.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve homeless men who have made a commitment to change their lives and become independent. All applicants must be 18 years or older and be free from drugs and alcohol. Residents may reside in the program from six months up to a year.

How Can I Get Into the Program?

All prospective program participants must first obtain and complete an application, be interviewed by our casemanager, pass a drug and alcohol screening test, and complete an introductory period. For information about the Fouse Center please contact Charity Cummings – Fouse Center at and Community Housing Case Manager at or call (410) 863-4888.

Fouse Center Application

The Fouse Center Staff

Mario Berninzoni
Executive Director

Fouse Center and Community Housing Case Manager
Charity Cummings –