Permanent Housing



Arundel House of Hope Permanent Housing History


In 2004, through a grant from HUD and The Knott Foundation, Arundel House of Hope established its first Permanent Housing Program specifically for the homeless and disabled in Anne Arundel County. This Permanent Housing Program provides an affordable, supportive housing option for up to three clients. Over the course of the 2004-2005, Arundel House of Hope opened two additional houses. The program now encompasses three program houses and serves a total of nine residents. A fourth hybrid house was opened in Fall of 2011. This hybrid house has criteria of safe haven but is operated under community house rules.


What Services Do We Offer?

Through our permanent housing program, we offer stable, long-term, independent housing for homeless and disabled men. While in permanent housing, residents have access to case management services through the Arundel House of Hope.


What Are Our Goals?

The goal of permanent housing is to offer stable, permanent, supportive housing to homeless men with disabilities.

Who Do We Serve?

The clients we serve range from Fouse Center graduates to clients referred to us by other organizations.


How Do I Get In?

Many of our Permanent Housing Program participants are graduates of The Fouse Center Program. To be considered, potential candidates must be able to pay a subsidized rent and be able to live in a community housing situation with other men. For more information about this program please contact our Case Manager,  at call 410-863-4888.